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A cute exchange between a toddler and a Mumbai cop will make you forget the Monday blues

Parents these days love to share their little ones’ antiques on social media as keepsakes. Recently, an adorable clip of a little girl asking a female cop for her baton went viral on the internet. The excerpt is shared on Instagram by Kanishka Bishnoi. In the video, the 21-month-old toddler can be seen asking the Mumbai policewoman for her baton. When the cop refused and laughed, she tried to throw a tantrum.

However, throughout their cute exchange, the female cop had a slight smile as she talked with Kanishka. The caption of the video read, “Wait for it.”

This adorable video garnered over 9.6 million views and social media users flooded the comments section with laughing and adorable emojis. One wrote: “Cordial respect from Mumbai Police, didi. Another user said: “I felt weak before this video…but now I am smiling…. Like crazy. Someone also commented, “Maharashtra Police are the best.” “My mum also goes through these cute situations many times,” said one user. Another cyber netizen wrote “Kindness is overloaded.

Children are a feast for the eyes. And, things get that much cuter when they’re having fun or having adorable interactions with strangers. Recently, a video went viral from Udipi in Karnataka when a little girl joined folk dancers in the streets and copied their steps like a pro. Onlookers even cheered them on while wearing it. The video is shared on a tourist page named Visit Udipi on Twitter.

The page also explained folk dance of Karnataka. The threaded tweet read: “Pili Vesha in ‘Tiger Masque’ is a folk dance unique to the Karnataka coast. Here young boys and men paint their bodies with yellow and brown stripes, wear a tiger mask on the face and dance to the rhythm of drums Pili vesha is performed during Dasara and Krishna Janmashtami.

The video garnered over 576,000 views.

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