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Akkadian Console Review: CUCM Call Handling

Managing an ever-increasing number of calls is a problem many businesses are facing today. Call volumes are reaching phenomenal levels, not only in the contact center, but across the entire unified communications (UC) landscape. With more employees working in distributed environments and more technology to manage, UC administrators, as well as operators, are under increasing pressure.

The right call handling environment can make a huge difference to the productivity and efficiency of any business. The best products provide an all-in-one environment for call answering, transfers, directory access and reporting, giving businesses the power they need to keep up with changing trends.

Akkadian, a communications innovator best known for its state-of-the-art unified communications provisioning tools, offers one of the most impressive call handling systems on the market. “Akkadian Console” provides busy operators, office administrators and receptionists with a unified environment to efficiently manage a high volume of incoming calls. Here’s what you need to know about the product.

Akkadian Console Review: Features

Designed to support today’s high-throughput teams, Akkadian Console is an all-in-one operator console with a strong focus on user experience and accessibility for the Cisco UC platform. The easy to use and manage tool for call control takes the stress out of high volume communication environments. Already, countless companies rely on the Akkadian console to manage thousands of daily conversations.

Complete, scalable and stable, the Akkadian console is suitable for companies of all sizes, in all sectors. Business owners can even choose from a range of deployment options, ranging from an unmanaged client to client-server deployment or web-based deployment.

Here are some of the features offered by the Akkadian console:

  • A clean and modern interface for fast multitasking communication
  • Customizable dashboards to meet different business needs
  • Drag-and-drop call management for operators
  • Unlimited speed dial groups for easy contact organization
  • Multiline support, consolidating multiple complex phones into a single interface
  • Line status information (available, busy and ringing)
  • Multi-language support (English, Spanish and French)
  • Private and shared notes for feedback and call scheduling
  • Integrations with Microsoft Office 365 and Health Level 7 (HL7)
  • Call Park and Hunt Group Queuing
  • Directory management with presence information
  • Supports multiple directory sources including CUCM, LDAP, SQL, and CSV
  • Unlimited personal directories

Not only do users get a complete solution for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) with the Akkadian console, but they also get a flexible, lightweight ecosystem that can integrate with the tools they use for productivity and schedule management.

Akkadian Console Review: Benefits

Giving businesses a more convenient way to track and manage high call volumes, Akkadian Console gives busy operators and receptionists more of the features they need to thrive. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the lightweight and flexible ecosystem can adapt to any business. Plus, the technology is designed with the user experience in mind, so staff training and onboarding is as streamlined and simple as possible.

Akkadian Console is an intuitive, streamlined system for quickly directing calls where they need to go. Some of the biggest benefits of this technology include:

  • A simple and customizable interface: Clean, modern and intuitive, the Akkadian console is perfect for today’s fast-paced communication environment. Administrators and receptionists can quickly and efficiently direct calls using drag-and-drop transfer systems. There is support for multiple lines of communication and queuing of hunt groups, and the dashboard can be adjusted to suit all business needs. There is even the option to adjust the font size.
  • Powerful directory information: With Akkadian Console, it is easier to navigate the communication environment and improve the customer experience. There’s a built-in directory with attendance information, so executives know which employees are available at any given time. Additionally, users can share and save notes on each caller to check later. There’s even the ability to create unlimited home directories for individual users.
  • Flexible deployment: Akkadian Console adapts to the needs of any business, even in today’s unpredictable and constantly changing environment. Users can choose a serverless console for rapid deployment or select a managed client/server model for centralized management and useful reporting. The web portal also means it’s easy to get users up and running with the system as quickly as possible, in a range of different languages.
  • Integrations: The Akkadian console is ideal for managing CUCM deployments. It can also integrate with a range of other tools used by corporate IT and administrative teams. The solution comes with integrations for Microsoft Office 365 and Health Level 7 for healthcare businesses. Additionally, businesses can download directory information from a variety of sources, including LDAP, CUCM, CSV, SQL, and MySQL.
  • Quick installation: Because Akkadian Console is designed to be as easy to install and use as possible, it is ideal for companies looking for a flexible and fast communication management tool. Whichever deployment option you choose, you’ll be able to get the system up and running in no time, with minimal training requirements. The web interface is also available from any browser and works on multiple operating systems.

Akkadian Console Review: Verdict

Intuitive and efficient, Akkadian Console makes managing communications in today’s unpredictable landscape as easy as possible. The powerful and easy-to-use ecosystem includes everything receptionists and administrators need to get the most out of their calling strategy. There are several deployment options, so you can adjust your ecosystem according to your business needs.

Moreover, the interface offered by Akkadian Console is wonderfully flexible and customizable. Users can adjust the look of their dashboard, download content from a range of environments, and access technology on any operating system or device.

In a world where agile and streamlined communications are more important than ever to business success, Akkadian Console ensures businesses can meet customer expectations across all industries. For businesses looking to take their console management strategy to the next level, Akkadian Console is a great solution.