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AMC boss says company is exploring how to accept Shiba Inu with other crypto

AMC boss Adam Aron said today the movie chain is exploring how it can accept Shiba Inu in addition to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Additionally, AMC is obviously exploring its own cryptocurrency, which would truly cement the company as the king of memestocks.

That AMC seems to flirt with the idea of ​​accepting (another) meme currency in return for real goods and services is not entirely surprising. AMC was effectively rescued halfway through the pandemic by Reddit meme stock traders, and Aron has since taken a heavy toll on the company’s relationship with these shareholders. Hearing about AMC’s crypto ambitions isn’t just predictable during company meetings with shareholders, it’s pretty much assured.

Aron shared a Twitter poll last month, asking its subscribers if the company should expand accepted cryptocurrencies that can be used to purchase AMC gift cards through BitPay. Aron wrote at the time that the “company’s IT group was writing code so that we could soon accept online payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, among others,” and asked if the list of currencies accepted should be extended to Shiba Inu, itself a same coin response to Dogecoin. The response from those surveyed was overwhelming, and unsurprising given the company’s shareholder base, yes.

The company has previously announced that it will accept Bitcoin for things like concessions before the end of the year, and Aron said at the company’s shareholders meeting this week that AMC is on track to meet that goal. . Aron further said that AMC is now examining how it can evolve the way it accepts crypto, including potentially launching its own and partnering with theaters to offer NFTs for blockbuster movie premieres.

“I can confirm today that we have been exploring with third parties over the past few months both how we can accept cryptocurrency and whether it is possible for AMC to even consider launching our own cryptocurrency.” , said Aron. “Likewise, I can confirm to you today that we are now in conversation with several major Hollywood studios about the concept of joint venture commemorative NFTs related to major movie titles that are being shown in our theaters.”

Some of the talks are “preliminary in nature,” Aron said, adding that regulatory factors could impact his strategies. Asked about the company’s plans to integrate Shiba Inu into its cryptocurrency fold, the AMC boss did not fail to admit that he was taking inspiration from shareholders.

“There was just a tidal wave of incoming messages for our business, and for me personally, that we should become much more active in the cryptocurrency arena and that there was a real opportunity for AMC. “said Aron. When the company made its first announcement regarding its intention to accept Bitcoin for payments before the end of the year, meme stonk shareholders clearly flooded Aron’s DMs to express interest in the company. also accepts other cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Currently, the company is on track to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash before the end of the year. Aron said the company believes it will be able to accept Dogecoin by the first quarter of next year. Shiba Inu, meanwhile, is “next on our cryptocurrency hit parade.”

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