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Business directory spotlights women entrepreneurs – South Coast Herald

To celebrate and highlight the achievements and ventures of female entrepreneurs and business owners in the agricultural and rural sectors of KZN, KZN Agricultural Union, Kwanalu has launched the Kwanalu Women in Business Directory (KWIBD) aimed at develop markets, collaborations, networks and business opportunities in the province.

The campaign will feature a directory that will enable women entrepreneurs, small and large, rural and commercial, to gain valuable online exposure through Kwanalu’s website and online platforms, network with like-minded women entrepreneurs and to develop their businesses.

Sandy La Marque, CEO of Kwanulu, said: “The directory will provide insight into where women in the industry would like to learn and where they would like to be supported. We hope to connect, collaborate and inspire all women through the wonderful entrepreneurial stories that exist everywhere.

Mark said the directory is available on Kwanalu’s website and includes information about those who completed the online form creating profiles in the directory.

“These companies will be exposed through Kwanalu’s website traffic and through active campaigning on its social media platforms. The aim of the campaign is to increase brand and business awareness of women in the rural and agricultural sector, and attract potential customers to their businesses. »

All campaign participants will be entered into a raffle to win R20,000 in prizes including opportunities for personal and professional growth, and winners will be announced at the end of the campaign.

“We encourage female entrepreneurs and business owners to complete the online form on our website to gain valuable exposure, expand their networks and, as a bonus, enter the competition.

“We want to find ways to keep important conversations going about supporting women and their vital contribution to their communities, micro-economies and the economy at large. We will continue to offer valuable tools and processes that will strengthen the rural and agricultural sectors, said La Marque.

In October 2021, Kwanalu launched the Women and Youth Rural Entrepreneurship (WYRE) initiative, aimed at tackling the chronic unemployment rate in the province by boosting micro-economies owned by women and youth, through business and mindset training in rural and agricultural areas. domains of KZN.

It has helped 1,500 women and young people and inspiring success stories are beginning to emerge from the initiative.

For more information about Kwanalu and to enter the Kwanalu Women in Business Directory competition, visit


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