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Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce to Launch Minority Business Directory

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce highlights minority-owned businesses and encourages locals to visit them and other businesses to hire them through a special business directory that should be launched next week.

The Chamber of Commerce says it has developed the “Lowcountry Minority Business Directory,” which it calls the ultimate hub for local minority-owned businesses.

House officials said the purpose of this new directory is to have a consolidated guide to the region, where businesses and individuals can easily access all types of minority-owned businesses, whether it s act of a mechanic owned by a woman or an LGBTQ + animal care service.

“We are excited to bring visibility and further raise awareness of the importance minority-owned businesses have to our region,” said Adrian Cain, senior vice president of leadership and programs for the Chamber. “Our region is made up of amazing people and amazing businesses, and we want this guide to be not just the House directory, but really a directory that the whole region uses, all three counties, to really bring that increased visibility. their.”

Cain said they expect to have several hundred businesses in the directory early on, but expect that number to grow into the thousands over time.

He said the directory would go live at the end of next week.

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