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Grizzly bear feasts on moose as couple exchange wedding vows nearby

A couple recited their wedding vows in Montana’s Glacier National Park, but the mood changed when a grizzly bear attacked and began eating a nearby moose calf.

Stanton Giles, a wedding videographer, captured the graphic moment on camera and posted it to his Youtube channel on August 18 where it was viewed nearly 10,000 times.

“A wedding ceremony was taking place on the shore of Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park, when almost throughout the groom’s vows, a grizzly bear charged out of the brush on the north shore and attacked a moose calf under the look of the mother.” said the description of the video.

Here, an image of a brown bear. A wedding videographer captured the moment a grizzly bear began to eat a moose calf as the couple exchanged vows.

According to the national park system (NPS), grizzly bears are omnivores and over 90% of their diet consists of grasses, berries and insects. What they eat specifically can change with the seasons.

“They will also eat large and small mammals, fruits, bark, roots and mushrooms when available, NPS officials said.

In the video, the camera focuses on the groom as he recites his vows when a strangled scream is heard in the distance.

The camera cut to show the bear on top of the moose calf, which pawed it to no avail.

“And that’s why we didn’t go to the North Rim, ladies and gentlemen,” someone said off-camera.

The bear continued to eat the moose as people commented on what they witnessed. Towards the end of the video, one person wondered if they should move the wedding.

Giles said in the video’s description that they saw the moose and calf about 10 minutes earlier moving quickly through the forest.

“The bear must have been chasing them for at least a little while,” he said.

Viewers were equally shocked by what happened not far from the wedding.

“Crazy you captured this mid-ceremony,” one viewer wrote.

“Now the question is how do you incorporate a bear eaten moose into a wedding video, another commented.

“What an omen lol,” wrote one viewer.

Newsweek contacted Stanton Giles for comment.

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