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Interactive online map lets users customize their search by category and keywords to make local shopping and dining even easier this holiday season

HOBOKEN, NJ, (November 23, 2020) – Today, the Hoboken Business Alliance (HBA) launched early access to the new Interactive Business Directory map embedded on its website, just in time to shop. premises for Small Business Saturday and supporting local businesses throughout the holiday season. With the ability to search by category, keyword, indoor or outdoor dining preference, and map location, the HBA Business Directory is the first place to visit when shopping or dining locally in Hoboken. Each business listing in the directory will include and continue to be updated with a description and important information, such as location, website link, and any current business offers or promotions.

“As we head into the holiday season, we need to continue to show up and support the local businesses we love. The launch of this new interactive tool comes at the perfect time before Small Business Saturday to make it even easier for business owners to connect with customers and for everyone to discover Hoboken’s many hidden gems, said Gregory Dell’Aquila, Chairman of the Hoboken Business Alliance. “With the ability to search by categories such as Food and Drink, Beauty, Entertainment and more, it’s now much easier to navigate and plan every excursion in Hoboken this holiday season.

Buying and eating locally isn’t the only way to help small businesses thrive. According to the recent American Express Shop Small Impact study, positive mentions and engagement on social media could be worth an estimated $197 billion to the US small business economy. With 89% of consumers encouraged to buy from small businesses, members of their networks have recommended that leaving a positive review or mention can have a huge impact on business results. This continues to be a focus of HBA’s social media efforts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitterespecially during the holiday season.

Support local businesses

For those looking for the perfect holiday gift or restaurant-worthy meal or special occasion, customers can easily discover exactly what they’re looking for plus information and promotions for every business, all in one. only place.

  • Special Gift Deals: Whether shopping for loved ones or for yourself this holiday season, users can search the directory by category to automatically create a list of businesses best suited to their shopping needs. Giving residents and visitors to Hoboken even more reason to shop locally, many places are offering special discounts and small business promotions on Saturdays, with full details of each promotion listed directly on each respective business page of the HBA directory.

  • Warm and Festive Dining: Use the directory to search by outdoor dining to discover which favorite Hoboken restaurants offer safe and warm outdoor seating options throughout the festive season. Check out all the restaurants that have everything from individual pod setups to single-use table warmers and blankets, so diners can have the best experience while eating out during the colder months.

  • Spread the love: Many small businesses are on social media, which also makes tracking and digital support easy. From tagging to sharing and reviewing, spreading the love on social platforms is a free way to provide even more value to beloved small businesses and recommend to an even larger community.

“We have had the pleasure of being part of and sharing our family recipes with the Hoboken community for over eight decades. We’ve seen this special little town transform over the years, but it never ceases to amaze us how much residents, other business owners and visitors continue to support us, especially in times of need,” said said Grace Scanlipore and Nick De Palma, owners of Leo’s Grandevous. “Although this year has been difficult for many, the support of our customers is always what keeps us going. We wish everyone health and happiness and hope to thank you while serving you all this holiday season.

At a time when small businesses need help the most, the HBA is committed to supporting the local Hoboken community, continuously rolling out new offers and programs to encourage local shopping. With a convenient place to find information on everything from the latest COVID-19 legislation to business applications, local Hoboken events, and more, the HBA website is a valuable resource for business owners to stay in touch. with the community and its customers.

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