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Insurtech Veteran Launches Online Directory to Connect P / C Agents to Technology

A seasoned insurance agency lawyer launched an online directory for property and casualty insurance agents to categorize, compare, and match them with technology companies that support the agency distribution channel.

In addition to the directory, includes the ability to rate and rate providers and a forum where agents can discuss questions and receive answers and recommendations from their peers, according to founder Jason Walker.

Walker calls a “collaborative space for agents, technologists, service providers, networks, carriers, associations and agency advocates” in the insurance value chain. Agents can register for free.

Walker is familiar with insurance agency technology. He founded digital marketing and technology company Smart Harbor, which he sold to Insurance Technologies Corp. in 2019. He also has his own consulting firm in Ohio called Agency Insurtech. He has been active in the AUGIE Group insurance technology exchange and co-founded the digital marketing company The Shipyard, formerly known as

Why Agencies Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Insurtech And Should Embrace It – Now

Walker says he has spent nearly two decades learning from agents about their business challenges and found a gap in online resources to help agents assess and compare insurtech solutions.

He told the Insurance Journal that he thinks the agency insurtechs have been overlooked, except for a few that don’t support the distribution system. But he feels that the market is moving from a “catastrophic” view of agencies to a positive appreciation of agencies and the fact that they control so many clients.

“Agents are called in by these insurtechs all day long,” he said, adding that he saw his site as a way for agents to get objective and peer-based information about them.

The site includes a virtual assistant named Sky who guides agents through three digital journeys: client, employee and agency. Within each journey, agents are presented with individual categories that lead to hundreds of vendor profiles that address business areas such as sales and service, employee recruitment and development, and legal operations and financial.

Connecting the Dots in Agency Technology

“Like most industries, insurance is full of content, buzzwords, lectures and overused ‘why’ references to promote change through technology,” Walker said. “Meanwhile, agents were convinced years ago and must figure out the ‘how’, which is arguably the most difficult part of transformation as it requires work, risk and responsibility.”

Now, he said, the agents have a “partner in this journey”.

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