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An international business web directory allows business owners to advertise their business name, in a list containing hundreds of other business names. It is compared to the yellow pages of the Internet. Business owners can list their business in a certain category that relates to their business, such as financial services, real estate, furniture, newspapers, healthcare, accounting services, education training, services beauty and much more. (Example Image 1)

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In addition, a International Business Web Directory is a data media list that lists businesses by location, company, size, or activity. Internet users who use the business directory can search for a business name by entering the first letter of the business or enter the full name of the business. The directory can include important information, such as phone number, address, products and service provided by the company. Internet users may also be allowed to leave reviews, comments and opinions about the company. (Example image 2)


Image 2

Advertiser’s detail page will be found in search engines with Schema starting to rate and evaluate to get more searchers to click on it and visit the detail page. As we all know, on-page pattern codes show more priority in search engine rankings, so the advertiser’s detail page will be on the 1st page when people search Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. (Example image 3)

Most business directories offer free and complimentary listings. The directory may look like a search engine, but it is actually a research tool. The real reason businesses have their business name listed in an Internet business directory is its immense benefits. Companies can gain visibility, authority, credibility and return on investment.


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The Bhanvad.com Business Web Directory is a national directory that enables businesses around the world to share their vital business information with the general public. All the services and products of a global business can be promoted and offered to businesses and people in general on the Internet. Internet users who are looking for a particular product, service, information or news can choose one of the sites listed in the categories arts, business and shopping, computers and Internet, education, entertainment, government, health, newspapers and media, sports, travel, society and culture. In the news and media directory, for example, people can browse many international weather news and forecast sites, internet shoppers can find a dedicated subcategory called Shopping and Services (found under Business and economy) dedicated to online shoppers. Whether it’s food, gifts, flowers or even a service, there is a place for everything and everyone.

The business directory is available in a few languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French, russian, gujarati, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Thai. Also, they add Hindi, Ukraine, Germany, Arabic and more.

Bhanvad.com has done a wonderful job like everyone in the world country directory and the state directory has its own category folder, so it’s easier for people to search in just one country like United States, UK, Ukraine, Germany, France, India, Australia, China, Japan, France, Russia, Canada, Mexico and nearly 200 (two hundred) countries. (Example Image 4)


Image 4

The business web directory listings are fairly easy to navigate. It is also very easy for a business to add their contact details to the ad. Bhanvad.com is a quick and easy way to get your site more prominent on the Internet, most of the time for free. It is also possible to opt for a premium submission to get listed faster, but this is optional. Advertisers can select the best category and click Add URL or Submit Site above or on the category page. After that just enter the requested information about the company or website and then follow revision costs payment page for human editors to review. Publishers will decide whether to include the listing in the directory or not, if publishers review the site’s listing for inclusion, they will approve it within 24 hours or they will reject it and advertisers will receive a 100% refund of their payment. (Example image 5)


Image 5

Another advantage of an online directory for people living around the world is that the directory only uses the data provided, for internal control purposes. Each company listed is assured that none of its personal information will be shared with third party vendors. The information requested by the directory is quite common, with selections of company name, phone number, address, city, zip code, state, description and location. category.

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