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Michiana Meats offers top-notch processing

Screenwriter / Matt Keating
Photograph provided

Leonard Schwartz, owner of Michiana Meats LLC, says customers can rest assured that the company’s custom processing facility is top-notch.

“I’ve been in the personalized treatment business for a while, and attention to detail is very important,” says Schwartz. “We make sure every step of the process is the best it can be. The good thing about processing meat the right way is that it dramatically extends the shelf life of meat and also improves the taste.

Michiana Meats moved into a new building on June 13, 2022, and Schwartz loves the new factory.

“It’s more space than we had before, and we can do a lot more work, he says. “It allowed us to have more space for more processing. It really helped us a lot. »

Schwartz says he and Michiana Meats employees have an in-depth knowledge of meat processing. He says his father-in-law, Alvin Kuhns, has been in the toll processing business for 45 years.

“He knows everything about the business and has a great eye for detail,” says Schwartz.

Schwartz is also great at what he does and makes sure the treatment is perfect.

“People bring their cattle, pigs, sheep and goats to us and we pick them up from there, says Schwartz. “We follow every step of the treatment process. When a customer brings in live cattle, for example, we first weigh the cattle to get that information. »

Michiana MeatsMichiana Meats employees use a garden hose to keep the area clean and prevent contamination. Employees use an overhead scale to determine the weight of the meat, then place the carcass in a cooler.

“We hang it there overnight and keep it in the cooler for 24 hours,” says Schwartz. “It draws heat away from the carcass faster.”

After that, the carcass is placed in an aging cooler according to Schwartz.

“We then hang the carcass for six to 10 days,” says Schwartz. “After that, we process the meat into rib eye etc. We can also grind the meat into hamburger in an industrial meat grinder.”

Michiana Meats processes a wide range of meats.

“We process and package roasts, steaks, brats, and stuffed sausages among other meats,” says Schwartz. “We also pack links for breakfast.”

Schwartz notes that all Michiana Meats employees are members of his family.

“We will bring in other employees if we need them,” says Schwartz. “I hope to expand.”

Schwartz thinks Shipshewana is the perfect place for his business.

“It’s great to be able to live and work in this community,” says Schwartz. “We feel close to the community and we like to talk to everyone. I can’t say enough positive things about all the great people in this area.”

Schwartz adds that he appreciates all of his loyal customers.

“We’ve grown the business and reached out to the community to make sure things run smoothly,” says Schwartz. “We haveMichiana Meats been grateful that many of our loyal customers have told their family and friends about us.

To learn more about Michiana Meats, located at 8195 West State Road 120 in Shipshewana, call 260-768-7520.