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North Korea rejects South’s ‘bold’ offer of aid in exchange for denuclearization | World | New

According to NK News, she also acknowledged Wednesday’s missile test and said the location detected by the South was wrong. On Monday, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol offered Pyongyang his “bold move” to support the revival of its crippling economy once it takes steps towards denuclearization.

“We are going to set up a large-scale food program; provide assistance for power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure; and carry out port and airport modernization projects for international trade.

“We will also help improve North Korea’s agricultural productivity, offer assistance to upgrade hospitals and medical infrastructure, and implement international investment and financial support initiatives.”

The initiative includes economic exchanges of North Korean resources, such as minerals and rare earths, for food supplies from South Korea.

Seoul said it plans to launch the joint inter-Korean economic development committee for cooperation when the two countries reach a comprehensive agreement on the denuclearization process.

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Kim Yo Jong said in a KCNA statement that such a plan was ignorant and “the height of madness far from realized,” adding that the premise of “if North Korea takes denuclearization steps” itself- even is false.

She said, “Thinking that the idea of ​​exchanging our national nuclear core with ‘economic cooperation’ is Yoon Suk-yeol’s dream, hope and initiative, I can’t help but think it’s really innocent and young.

“If the ‘bold move’ doesn’t work out, I don’t know what kind of crazy plan he’ll knock on our door with, but I’ll make it clear that we will never deal with it.”

Following Yoon’s speech, Kim Tae-hyo, the president’s deputy national security adviser, called the bold move a “bold proposal” and hinted that the initiative can be implemented “at the start of negotiations.” if North Korea shows a sincere attitude. towards denuclearization.

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Similar proposals to Pyongyang had already been made by Yoon’s predecessors since the late 1990s.

Progressive governments have generally offered humanitarian aid preemptively, even before Pyongyang made a move toward denuclearization, in an effort to rebuild and improve inter-Korean relations.