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Station F adds online program to educate next generation of entrepreneurs – TechCrunch

Station F, the large startup campus located in Paris, is launching an online component called Launch by Station F. With this new program, entrepreneurs from anywhere can get started and learn all the basics of starting a business.

Launched in 2017, Station F is a massive building that was once a rail freight depot. It has become a flagship entity of the tech community in France with hundreds of startups working there.

“From day one, Station F has always aimed to make life easier for entrepreneurs,” Station F manager Roxanne Varza said at the launch event earlier today.

There are many ways to join the Station F community. Yet Station F still has to decline most applications. Currently, around 9% of entrepreneurs applying for a Station F program are accepted. That’s why Station F is launching Launch.

“Starting up is a new way to become an entrepreneur. It’s a fully online program, which means you can access it from anywhere in the world, ”Varza said. “That’s literally all of the basics for starting a business. By the time you finish this program, you should understand all of this crazy jargon.

Image credits: Station F

There are three building blocks behind Launch: content, tools, and community.

The Station F team has created a ton of videos and articles chatting with well-known entrepreneurs and investors from the startup community in France. This content will help you understand the tech industry.

Those who join the Launcher will also be able to access a collection of essential tools for building a startup, with free trials and free levels. Tools include Notion, Asana, Shopify, Bubble, and Qonto.

Finally, the program is based on peer-to-peer feedback. Members can talk to each other in a Slack community, browse a directory of people, and more. But the most powerful peer-to-peer component is that you have to give people feedback when you follow the program.

“Throughout the program, you will follow the steps of building a pitch deck. It’s really about asking the right questions about the business, ”said Varza. And other members will give you their opinion on your pitch deck.

The launch costs € 9.90 per month and users can cancel whenever they want. Station F hopes to attract 5,000 to 10,000 members.

And Station F’s diversity partners, such as Singa, Les Determinés, La French Tech Tremplin and the Fighters Program, will be able to access the service free of charge.

With this new online program, Station F is focusing on online education. While a ton of people want to start a startup, there is still a steep learning curve to get started.

People who complete the launch program won’t necessarily create a startup. But at least they’ll be able to have a conversation about a startup’s business model, product-to-market fit, and more.

Image credits: Station F

An update on Station F

Station F currently hosts dozens of different startup programs. Some programs are managed by partners, while others are managed directly by the Station F team.

Current partners include Ubisoft, Microsoft, Facebook and HEC Paris. Each program selects a batch of startups that can come and work from Station F. In addition to offices, they can network and gain benefits from both partners and Station F. Today, Station F announced two new partners РSchool 42 and CentraleSup̩lec.

“We also run our own internal programs and we have three,” said Marwan Elfroits, Head of Startup Programs at Station F.

There’s the Founders Program, which was announced in 2016 when Varza unveiled Station F at TechCrunch Disrupt. With this program, pre-seed and seed startups working in any vertical industry can apply.

“It’s a program designed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, from day one. The whole selection process is managed by entrepreneurs, ”said Elfitées. 130 renowned entrepreneurs are currently participating in the selection process.

Station F also manages the Fighters program. It is specifically aimed at entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds. “Good entrepreneurs and great entrepreneurs can come from any background,” said Elfitées.

So far, four cohorts of startups have participated in the Fighters Program. Station F is currently working on the fifth batch. For the first time, Station F is adding a sponsor to this program. TikTok will sponsor the next batch of the Fighters program.

Finally, Station F recently unveiled a third in-house program, the FemTech Program. As the name suggests, this program will focus on companies working on women’s health, women’s sexual health and more.

“When we looked at it, we thought it was both an opportunity and that the startups were in dire need of help,” Varza told me at the time. “It is still an unrecognized category; it is still a taboo subject.

The first batch of companies in the FemTech program will join the campus next month.

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