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The Chamber publishes the Lowcountry Minority Business Directory> Charleston Business Journal

The Charleston Subway Chamber of Commerce plans to launch a directory of minority businesses in the Lowcountry that includes businesses in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties.

Senior Vice President of Leadership and Programs Adrian Cain said his team reached out to a range of partners across the region, including the city of Charleston, North Charleston and The ascension fund – formerly Charleston LDC – to create a hub for minority-owned businesses.

While many cities already maintain a list of their own minority-owned vendors, Cain said the directory, due out this week, will differ in that it aggregates data from all three counties. The guide can then be filtered by industry type, including initial filters belonging to Hispanics, Blacks, Veterans, Women, and LGBTQ +.

“We recognize that there was an opportunity to leverage all of these resources through these partners to create a comprehensive guide for the entire region,” Cain said. “This will put the data in a place that is quickly available, easy to organize. “

To ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, the Chamber will check the list at least twice a year, which other agencies do not have the resources to accomplish.

“Our goal is to have this resource so that we help ensure that companies that want to hire minority-owned businesses have an easy way to do so,” Cain said.

Participation will be free for companies, whether they are members or not. Later, owners will be able to register through the portal and submit their business information. The Chamber will then verify the data and publish it live.

“And as the guide grows and adds more, we’ll be adding more filters both within the industry type, if someone is looking for a contractor or an electrician,” Cain said.

The guide will launch with 100 companies, but Cain, who leads the House’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, sees the list grow tenfold by the end of the year.

“I think it’s a recognition that our region is made up of a mosaic of companies and business leaders. We know there is a huge need to elevate and provide more inclusive opportunities for minority-owned businesses to grow and grow their businesses, ”Cain said. “One way to do that is to provide a platform to really lift and hold them. “

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