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WhatsApp launches in-app local business directory

WhatsApp is launching an in-app local business directory. The new feature will help users find and contact small businesses in their neighborhood, such as cafes, restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores, and more, all within the messaging app. The company is starting to pilot this feature in Sao Paulo, Brazil, CEO Will Cathcart has confirmed.

Users can search for businesses on WhatsApp via the floating “new chat” icon in the lower right corner of the main chat list. Here we have a new “Nearby Businesses” option under the existing “New Group” and “New Contact” options. Tapping this button will show you a list of different types of businesses near your current location. You can select a business type to find all of these businesses in your neighborhood. You can also filter the results to find exactly what you’re looking for.

WhatsApp will display the store name, a brief address, the distance from your location, and whether the store is open or closed. You can tap on a store to learn more, including its business description and full address. If you want to chat with this company, you also have a chat option.

Will says WhatsApp won’t save your location or the businesses you browse. You may be able to use the business directory feature on WhatsApp without giving it location access. The app will use your phone number to determine your approximate location and display available businesses accordingly. You can also manually enter a location.

Even if you choose to share your current location for more accurate results, your location is converted to an inaccurate location. So neither WhatsApp nor directory companies will be able to see your exact location. Additionally, the company claims that location data is stored locally on your phone. This means you can clear your stored location at any time. WhatsApp has an FAQ to help you with your location privacy.

WhatsApp Business Directory will expand to more cities in the coming months

This feature not only serves users, but also helps businesses extend their reach and connect with new customers. If you are a business owner and want to list your business in the WhatsApp directory, the company has provided all the information you need here. Keep in mind that the feature is only available in one city in Brazil.

CEO Will said the company will be looking to expand WhatsApp’s business directory functionality to more cities over the next few months. It may also include more business types in the directory over time based on user feedback. We will let you know as this feature comes to other regions.